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Routine Restarted...

Face Imprint Happy Vases Dried Flowers
Following almost 6 months of daily uncertainty (today is Tuesday, right?) is everyone else feeling the return of our weekly routine slowly resume to its natural habit?
The kids are back in school, there are more attendances in the office and the queue for morning coffee has increased in length (some good points, some not so good).
While we resent the early mornings rises from our beds and the late-evening meals at the kitchen table, we can’t help welcome this small bit of normality into our lives while taking the opportunity to make our routines something to look forward to.
So while you read this post-school run or work lunch break, we wanted to get you excited about your routine like we are with our current favourite homeware pieces making us smile throughout the working week.

Happy Smiling Face Mug, to accompany you through the first coffee of the day.

Large Yellow Throw Cushion, to make your bed glow - even if you have to leave it!

Boho Woven Basket, storage solutions never looked so good.

Cave & Cove 

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