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Why Shopping Independent is More Important Than Ever Before...

Is the end near? Are we over the hill or just approaching it? There’s still a lot of uncertainty out in the world right now, which is understandable. Freedom day has been and gone and it feels like one half of the population is back to living life like it was 2019, the other half, apprehensive and unsure. With this in mind, it’s important to look at how consumer habits have changed.
Last year we saw a lot more people shopping local and or independent, due to high-street retailers being shut and unable to accommodate the needs of it’s customers. In came a wave of people supporting local and small business be it through social media in terms of likes, on their website through sales or even in some cases donating to keep them up and running. We felt like a community. We were sharing, liking, forwarding and of course, spreading the love via word of mouth. Now, where are we?
Retailers have reopened, consumers are able to get their cheap fix and the community spirit associated with shopping independently has taken a nosedive. Many retailers have also taken this time to expand their product ranges, brands that once only stocked clothing have branched into homeware, skincare, electronics, the list goes on. So where does that leave small businesses who have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months? Right back at the start.

Cave and Cove Throw

It’s understandable, why shop in several places when you can get all that you need under one roof for a reasonable price? But what many people don’t see or understand is what goes on behind the scenes of a small business. Often, just like Cave and Cove, these are independently or family run. They’re product development, quality testers, marketers, accountants, customer service and everything in between, from your first touch point to your last, you know what you’re getting, and that’s someone who cares. We shouldn’t be lining the pockets of large corporations, instead we should be celebrating wins for the little guys. Whether it’s their first order or their hundredth, small business owners will still be absolutely ecstatic when your order comes across their inbox.
Now I’m not saying cut ties with your favourite retailers, there’s a reason they’re your favourite, what I’m trying to convey is that as a consumer, stop and take the time to think about your purchasing habits. When out and about, don’t pick up an item because it's convenient and cheap, instead turn to a small business for a piece that’s handcrafted, exactly what you’re after or bespoke, or possibly all three, because why have what everybody else has when you could have something completely unique? 
The next time you need to pick up the perfect accessory for your new book shelf, shop with a small business. Need a gift for someone who has an eye for bespoke pieces? Shop with a small business and I hate to drop the dreaded C word, but if you’re already thinking about that perfect Christmas present, you guessed it, shop with a small business.
Why is shopping independent more important than ever? 
Because we have what you didn’t know you needed until now.
Cave & Cove

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